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Meet Seri

seri-headshotAll my life I have been involved with cooking and baking. From my early days as a child I started with my Suzy Bake Oven, then I moved up and I would cook for my family. I came from a large family, six children and my parents worked full time so each child had to learn to cook. Through school I remember all the classes I took and Home Economics was my favorite. At home I loved to bake and create fun projects during the Holidays. During my career I went in a total different direction from the culinary arts to an Executive Assistant working in the Education and Environmental Geological Engineering Worlds. Alongside my full time job I began my own business selling Pampered Chef.

One day I decided to go to a cake decorating class to help my Pampered Chef Business and that was it. I was hooked . . . . I had a talent and a special gift from the Lord in baking, cake decorating, chocolate and sugar work. I took every class offered and was certified as a Cake Decorator through a local cake decorating school. I would bring my homework in and my friends and family would order cakes, as I became busier my Husband encouraged me to quit my fulltime job and open Seriouscake.com.

I continued my studies and have studied with top cake decorating artists across the country and internationally; Mike McCarey, Colette Peters, Bronwin Weber, Nicolas Lodge, Debbie Brown, Karen Portaleo, Joshua John Russell, James Rosselle, Jason Ellis, Geraldine Randlesome, and Elaine Gonzalez. I am very thankful for this gift to share with you and your family. My hope is you will find a cake or two on my website that you like and that I would be able to be a part of your special celebration.